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 In Boston, the city’s past and present are always around you.  Everywhere you go you can see its history as a sea town with its winding roads and colonial houses. You can walk along the waterfront, and you can easily imagine when hundreds of sailing ships anchored in the harbor, discharging their loads.  But permanently connected with its history is its modern face with world-class museums, theaters, concert halls, renowned hospitals, colleges and high technology companies. Small size, historic, contemporary and eclectic -  a great city with many fun and interesting places. Here are some of the more popular.

Boston DownTownCrossing1. Downtown

Downtown Boston embraces all four centuries of Boston history. Both old and new are present here at all times. One moment you may be walking by an impressive tall marble and glass tower, and the next moment you will be standing in front of a century-old church or historic house. Even the American patriot Paul Revere is buried here. Quincy market and Faneuil Hall with its many shops and restaurants were once the center of 18th-century commerce and are popular today among tourists and locals. In sharp contrast,  the financial district with its tall buildings and modern glass and marble lobbies are a testament to Boston's continuing clout as a modern city. There is so much to discover!


Boston Common2. The Boston Common

Right in the center of the city is the well-known Boston Common, the oldest park in the United States.  From the Common you can venture out to almost any neighborhood in the city and it is used by many as a starting point for a city excursion. Just across the street is the popular Public Garden with its exotic display of Victorian gardener's art, with intricate floral patterns of blazing color and planted exotic imported trees. Comfortably seated in the center of the park is a small pond, the home to the famous Swan Boats. 


Boston DownTownCrossing3. Newbury Street and the Back Bay

The Back Bay area is known for its upscale shopping and vibrant restaurants and nightlife. But it is never far away from the original lavish houses and churches that once were prevalent in this area. Famous Newbury Street offers eight blocks of upscale shops, boutiques, galleries, and restaurants.  Nearby, and hard to miss is the Prudential Center mall and the Copley Plaza mall with over a hundred shops including Saks Fifth Avenue, Gucci, Sephora, Neiman Marcus, Tiffany and Louis Vuitton.  Walking down Newbury street and Boylston street is a favorite weekend past-time for many.


 NorthEnd244x1604. The North End

A short walk from downtown, you will be transformed into a small Italian village, the North End. It has the distinction of being the city's oldest residential community, where people have continuously lived since it was settled in the 1630s. This is a very popular place for both tourists and locals. Vistors enjoy an almost unlimited choice of restaurants, pastry shops, and markets.    


Boston Harvard Square5. Harvard Square and Cambridge

Eight million people visit Harvard Square every year. There are indeed many reasons to do so. Located almost inside of Harvard University, it is essentially the home of thousands of students. There are many bookstores and coffee houses, restaurants, and numerous eclectic shops. Both on the square and within the University, there are many historic buildings to admire and museums to visit. The square attracts many groups for public discourse and public art.


Boston Esplanade6. The Esplanade and the Charles River

The Esplanade is a peaceful oasis in the middle of the city. A gorgeous ribbon of green, it meanders along the Charles River for about three miles, at times reminding you of Venetian canals. Take a stroll along the river and watch the elegant college rowboats plow their trails. Take your Ipod and join the many runners along the river.  Or sit down on a park bench and observe the amazing activity on land and water. Watch the droves of sailboats fly across the river. Have a picnic with your friends and observe the perfect sunset with that last sailboat making it home on a breath of air. 

There are many things you can do at the Esplanade. Relax, exercise, take sailing classes or rent a kayak. In summer, enjoy the free outdoor movies and concerts at the Hatch shell. Join the July 4th celebration with the world famous Boston Pops and thousands of revelers.


South Boston 7. The South End

Located just minutes from downtown and the Back Bay, the South End has become one of Boston's most popular neighborhoods. It has attracted a diverse blend of young professionals, families and a vibrant gay and lesbian population to this Boston landmark district. You will be sure to notice the South End's renowned Victorian brownstone buildings and homes as you walk along Tremont Street, Columbus Avenue and Massachusetts Avenue. Some of Boston’s finest restaurants, a thriving arts community and nearly 30 parks also call the South End home.


Bosdton Fenway8. Kenmore and Fenway

The Fenway area is most famous for the home of the Red Sox baseball team and on game day this area is humming with baseball fans. On other days, it is the starting point for many of the clubs and bars around Landsdowne street. The Fenway area also connects to Huntington Avenue with many museums such as the MFA,  the Isabella Stuart Gardner museum and Symphony Hall. The Fenway is also the jumping-off point for exploring the Backbay Fens and the Emerald Necklace system of parks.


BostonChinatown245x1609. Chinatown and the Theatre District

Just steps away from downtown is Boston's Chinatown. It is still a center of Asian American life in Boston, hosting many Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants and markets. The Chinese New Years celebration is a popular event in Boston. Conveniently located next to Chinatown is the Boston Theatre District. This is the center of Bostons vibrant theater scene with more than a dozen theaters. You can enjoy top productions ranging from popular Broadway-type musical shows to avant-garde experimental productions, along with opera, dance, comedy shows, and everything in-between.


Boston Waterfront10. The Waterfront

The Boston harbor has had a significant role in American history.  Since its discovery in 1614, it has been one of the major trading ports and the site of many historical events such as the Boston Teaparty. Many attractions await the visitor such as the New England

Aquarium and the Boston Teaparty replica.  Ferries provide access to many of the harbor islands and nearby towns. Major portions of the waterfront are completely accessible to the public with numerous restaurants, bars and coffee shops.



Other Popular Places in Boston

The Museums  

Boston's Museums are a great place to spend an afternoon.  First and foremost, the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) is among the top 20 museums in the world and houses more than 400,000 works of art.  The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) is one of the most spectacular exhibition spaces in the world overlooking Boston harbor,   The Isabella Stewart Gardner museum, Is and eclectic museum housed in a building designed to emulate a 15th-century Venetian palace, drawing particular inspiration from the Venetian Palazzo Barbaro. Read more here...

The Aquarium

The Boston Aquarium will amaze and charm you with its exotic collection of aquatic animals and plants.  From the amusing penguins on the first floor and the exotic Amazonian habitat on the second floor to observing wild sharks cruising by at the multi-story center aquarium, you and your children will go home satisfied and full of wonder.

Faneuille Hall and Haymarket

Faneuil Hall Marketplace is located right in the heart of downtown Boston, close to the waterfront and close to many famous historic sites.  Considered the most popular among Boston attractions, It invites you to stroll leisurely along cobblestone streets  with numerous shops,  restaurants and street performers.  At the very center is Quincy Market with an astonishing number of food stalls and restaurants.  You will not go hungry here!

 Indoor Food Markets Rumor has it, that the weather in Boston is not always perfect.  So on those not so great days consider visiting the Boston Public Market.  Located near Faneuil hall, it is an expansive indoor,  year-round marketplace with dozens of stands of fresh foods, prepared meals, crafts, and specialty items.