Boston College Experience

StudentGrad245x160Every year, over 30,000 new students make their way to Boston to take up their studies at a local college.  By sheer numbers, this makes Boston one of the most popular college towns in the country.  What are the reasons for that?  Let's have a closer look!

A great choice of Colleges

Boston is well known for its great universities like MIT, Harvard, and Tufts. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact,  there are over 70 colleges in the Boston area, making it the largest college town in the country.   

So the chances of finding the right college for you here in Boston are excellent.  There are great schools in every possible field, from liberal arts, science, engineering and business to specialized schools for arts, music, health, psychology, theology and more.  

Boston colleges have the reputation of being very selective.  This is true for some schools but many schools are not that selective and some even have open admission. You will find small colleges, large colleges and anything in-between. There is a great choice of locations too with many colleges in the middle of the city and many others in the suburbs.

There are students everywhere

With so many colleges, students are part of the Boston city landscape.  In fact, there are over 200,000 students in the Boston area.  This gives the city a fun atmosphere and creates many opportunities for you to meet and interact with other students. Mix in over 20,000 international students from over 100 countries and you have the perfect environment to meet new people and have fun.

With so many students in the city, you will find many things to do.  Especially near the colleges, there are many shops, restaurants, and bars that cater to students.  Discounts for students are common in museums,  theaters,  and musical events and you will find an abundance of free lectures, speeches, concerts and events throughout the city.

Great “Walking City”

Boston is not your standard cookie cutter city. It is a historic city founded in 1630 and this history can be experienced everywhere. From its compact size with its winding narrow roads to its amazing architecture, both old and new, it invites you to explore on foot. Enjoy a walk through its many parks and waterfront areas, its historic neighborhoods and fun shopping areas.  It is no surprise that Boston is consistently rated as one of the “best walking cities” in the country.      

Many fun Neighborhoods with Restaurants and Shops

Historically, Boston developed along the lines of distinct neighborhoods, each with its unique history and style. There is the North End which could pass for a small town in Italy thanks to the many Italian residents, restaurants, and shops.  Then there is the South End with its elegant brownstone houses and many trendy cafes and shops.  And of course, there is Fenway where the Red Sox team makes its home. You could go on and on. Each of these unique and diverse neighborhoods has its own type of shopping and entertainment and they are easy and fun to explore on foot or by subway.

Public Transportation

Boston is one of the few US cities with a well-developed public transportation infrastructure that is very convenient for students. The backbone is the subway system or the "T" as it is called here. It connects most of the city and is relatively inexpensive and convenient. Outside the range of the T, the Commuter Rail trains will take you to the suburbs and nearby cities.  Buses are available in most places where the trains and subway do not reach. 

Amazing Museums and Cultural venues

For those cloudy or snowy weekends, you will find plenty of amazing museums, theaters and music venues throughout the city.

Visit the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA)and enjoy world-class art exhibits in a spectacular setting.  Step over to the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum with its renowned collection housed in a 15th-century palace.  

The vibrant theater district has more than a dozen great venues where you can enjoy popular Broadway musicals or avant-garde experimental performances.  

Live music is available throughout the city. You will find a great variety, from basement rock clubs like the Middle East to traditional Irish music at Mr. Dooleys.  Free concerts are available throughout Boston covering the entire range from classical to Hip Hop.


Great Recreational Spaces

Boston is renowned for its great parks. You will literally find a park for every taste, from the small and intimate neighborhood parks to the formal Victorian gardens.

Stroll along the Harbor Walk that meanders along the waterfront and watch the boats and ships busily crisscrossing the harbor.   Or join the runners on the Esplanade overlooking the river dotted with sailboats.

Boston's beaches are a popular option for the sometimes hot summer weather.  Pack a picnic and a cooler with cold beverages and head for one of the many beaches in the area.