Shopping is Everywhere...

Boston area shopping is a varied as the city itself.  Every area of the city has its own unique style. You will find every type shopping experience imaginable from bargain basements college warehouses to upscale boutiques.   What is wonderful about  Boston shopping is just how easily you can go from one area to another on foot or via subway.  In one afternoon you can easily peruse the upscale shops on Newbury Street, hit the mall and then take the T to find some bargains in Allston.

Following are some popular shopping areas.



Cambridge486x325 LHarvard Square

This is a very popular shopping area and not just for students.  Right next door to Harvard University, the square has an amazing mix of stores. You will find fun clothing stores, eclectic jewelry places, cozy bookstores and just about any type of restaurant or cafe you can imagine. It is easy to reach, right on top of the Harvard Square subway station, and it is great fun.


Bargain Shopping

Bargain stores are abundant in Boston, particularly near college areas.  For example, Urban Renewals is a warehouse-style thrift store in Allston where you can find clothing, shoes, and books.  At Second Time around on Newbury Street,  you can find upscale brand-name used clothing and  at Buffalo Exchange in Cambridge customers look for trendy used clothing often originating from stores like American Apparel and Urban Outfitters   

GarmetDistrict626x269 L
The Garment District is a well know bargain store in Cambridge and famous for their “by the pound” department where you sort through huge piles of clothing and pay by the pound.  They also have a costume rental department that is very popular around Halloween.

CharlesStreet400x265 LCharles Street

Right off the center near the Boston Common is Charles Street.  It has a wonderful mix of old fashioned antique stores with some eclectic clothing and accessory shops.  Mixed in you will find restaurants, cafes and the occasional grocery store.  Charles Street is always entertaining and the kind of place where you may find that special gift you have been looking for a long time.




NewburyStreet400x266 LNewbury Street

Well known for its upscale mix of stores, Newbury Street is definitely worth a visit.  Stretched out along 8 city blocks are numerous upscale salons, boutiques, and fabulous restaurants. You will find an interesting mix of international designers, national retailers, and trendy boutiques and there even are a number of bargain stores.