Schools for Religious Studies in Boston

Religious majors focus on the study of religion and can include broad subjects such as theology, religious history, religious practice, and comparison. Religious studies may be focused on research and scholarship, or alternatively, on the preparation for a career in a specific faith. The following degrees are popular:

  • Bachelor's Degree - These programs generally give a broad overview of the different religious believes in addition to detailed knowledge of the world’s major religions. The studies focus on historical context as well as present-day roles of religion. This degree takes about four years and is often combined with a minor or major degree in philosophy.

  • Master’s Degree - A master’s degree in theology focuses on a specific religion with the goal to prepare you for a leadership position in a religious career. The degree takes about two years.  

  • Doctorate - A Doctor of Theology (DTh) degree take about 3-5 years and is a research focused divinity degree. Other doctorates are Doctor of Divinity (DD) which is an advanced honorary degree and  Doctor of  Ministry (DMin) which is a ministry focused degree.


Boston Schools for Religion

Following are the Boston colleges and universities with religion focused majors. The colleges are listed by the number of students attending, not rank. Please click the name of the school for more information.