Fashion Design Schools in Boston

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Industries with the highest employment

Wholesale,  manufacturing, management, apparel companies, retailers, dance companies, theater, motion pictures

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New York, California

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22,300 School Website

Source: United States Department of Labor

Fashion design is a fast-paced and creative occupation. Its main focus is the design of clothing and accessories for the retail industry.  As a fashion designer, you will need to learn about design and marketing as well as technical skills in making cloth and accessories. You will learn to design clothing that is both functional and pleasing to the consumer.

The fashion industry is very large and there are employment opportunities in many different occupations. So fashion design graduates may not work as fashion designers but may be involved in other aspects of the fashion industry, such as retailing, production, sales and promotion of fashion. Other fashion design graduates work in the theater or in market research.

In the Boston area, you will find five colleges that offer degrees in fashion design and related areas.  Most of the schools offer fashion design as part of a liberal arts education.




  College Tuition Selectivity Size Location Fashion Design Degrees
Framingham State University Low Tuition Somewhat Selective Medium Size College Suburban Boston Location BS degree in fashion design and fashion merchandising
Massachusetts College of Art and Design Low Tuition Medium Selective
Medium Size College City Location BFA degree in fashion design and post graduate certificates
Lasell College> Medium Tuition Somewhat Selective Small College Suburban Boston Location BS in fashion design, fashion merchandising, fashion communications
Bay State College DollarOne15x15 Somewhat Selective Small College City Location Associate degree in fashion design


Fashion Design Schools in Boston - Details


 Framingham State University


The university offers a four-year BS degree in two fashion design directions as part of their liberal arts education.

Fashion Design - This program prepares you for a career in fashion design. It builds a strong foundation in basic skills such as technical design, pattern making, personal styling, product coordination, product development, and research and development. Students learn both creative and technical aspects of the apparel design process and acquire skills in areas such as advanced apparel construction techniques, computerized design programs, flat pattern design, draping, fashion illustration, global production, costume history, textile properties, specification writing and portfolio development.

Fashion Merchandising - This program prepares you for a career in corporate strategy planning, retail analysis, retail/wholesale buying, retail management, international product sourcing, and visual merchandising.  Students develop an understanding of retail operations from an industry perspective and acquire skills in areas such as business plan development, buying office functions, consumer behavior, fashion promotion, global production systems, costume history, international cultures, market research and trend forecasting. 

Graduate Merchandising Certificate  -  Certificates offer specialized training for retail managers, merchandisers, fashion designers, educators, and those interested in the industry who already have an undergraduate degree. The program is completely online.

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Massachusetts College of Art and Design


MASSART offers a four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in fashion design as well as post-graduate certificates.

The fashion design program trains students to create fashions with a global perspective and to develop an understanding of the fundamentals needed to be a designer in the fashion industry. Students design one-of-a-kind and ready-to-wear garments as well as accessories and theatrical costumes, using traditional and nontraditional materials.

The program teaches time-honored design methods along with cutting edge computer design technology as students complete ensembles in a variety of apparel categories while considering issues of marketability, cost, care, and comfort.  

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Laselle College


Lasell College offers a four-year BS degree in three different areas of fashion design.

Fashion Design and Production and Fashion and Retail Merchandising -  This program focuses on clothing design, retail merchandising and techniques for visual and promotional design. Students learn all the techniques necessary, such as garment design and use the latest computer-aided design (CAD/CAM) equipment in their fashion courses to make production markers and engineering patterns for optimal material use. Lasell’s fashion degrees include a solid foundation in both liberal arts and business courses.

Fashion Communication and Promotion -  This program focuses on the actual promotion of fashion and students will learn the basics and importance of fashion journalism and communication. Courses cover a variety of areas, including mass media, public relations, advertising, fashion marketing, and more.

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 Bay State College


The college offers a 2-year associate degree in fashion design.

The program offers a combination of design, construction, technical, and marketing classes, and students are shown methods for creating, selling and promoting their creations. The goal of the program is to provide the expertise to pursue fashion design careers or to transfer to baccalaureate programs.

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