Boston Community Colleges

Community colleges are wonderful institutions where you can take classes without many obstacles.  They offer affordable education or job training and make it easy to qualify and start.  They generally have good quality teaching and flexible schedules and are a very popular alternative to starting out in a four-year college.  In fact they are so popular that four out of 10 college graduates have started out in a community college.

There are many reasons why you would want to attend a community college.  For example, you may want to train for a job or career or prepare for a four-year college. Or you just may want to take continued adult education classes to learn a new skill.

If you are one of those students who are are not completely ready for college, starting at a community college may let you catch up with some of the requirements of a four-year college. It may also help you explore what major may be right for you. Switching to a four-year college down the road is a popular path.

Community colleges offer training certificates and associate degrees and the majors offered match the great variety of students and their goals. There are dozens and dozens of subjects from business administration, computer information technology, criminal justice to early childhood education, human services, nurse education and hospitality.

Community colleges are very affordable.  But that goes beyond the actual tuition as many students live at home, saving a lot of money in the process.


Overview of Boston Community Colleges - Tuition, Size and Location

Below is a comparison of all Boston area community colleges comparing tuition, size, location and the type of degrees they offer.  The schools are listed in the order of size (number of students).