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There are over 70 colleges in the Boston area and they come in all sizes, types, and locations. So choosing the right college is very important.  Below you will find an overview of all Boston area colleges grouped as follows:


Boston Area Universities

Universities are generally large schools that offer a broad selection of programs.  They provide extensive resources and infrastructure, such as libraries, student organizations, and clubs.  Often universities are composed of a number of colleges and they offer a wide range of degrees including doctorates.


Boston Area Four-Year Colleges

Just like universities, four-year colleges offer a broad selection of programs but are generally smaller than universities. Compared to a two-year college, they will provide you a more thorough and deeper education resulting in a bachelor's degree instead of an associate degree.   Most graduate four-year colleges programs are full-time.


Boston Area Two-Year and Community Colleges

Two-year colleges can be a great inexpensive way to get started with your education without having to face many hurdles to get accepted.  They generally offer associate degrees and can be a good starting point to get a job, acquire a new skill or advance to a four-year college.  Two-year colleges have broad and practical courses and flexible hours.


Boston Area Business Schools

Business Schools are colleges that are focused on business programs. It should be noted that many other colleges have business programs in various degrees but are not listed here under Business Schools. For more information about Boston colleges with Business majors, click here.


Boston Area Art, Architecture and Music Schools

These colleges focus on Art, Architecture, and Music.  Please note that other colleges and universities also offer some of these programs but are not listed here. For details about Boston colleges with Art majors, click here.


Boston Area Law Schools

For more details on Boston area law schools click here.


Boston Area Special Focus Schools in Health, Optometry, Psychology and Education

These colleges focus on specific areas such as health, psychology or education.


Boston Area Theological and Bible Colleges

These colleges focus on studies in religion or theology. Some of these schools also offer four-year bachelor's degrees. For more details on colleges with theology majors please click here.