Biking the City

On many college campuses, bikes are the standard mode of transportation. But even outside of campuses, the city offers many opportunities to travel by bike on regular roads or on the special bike paths that surround the city. In fact, there are over a dozen such special bike paths in the Boston Area.  For more details about the best biking trails in Boston,  please click here.

Boston area streets can be dangerous for bikers because they are narrow and traffic can be heavy.  So when biking in the city, safety is king! Please click here for some general biking safety tips.

 City Biking

Boston City BikingThere are many areas in the city that are fun and safe to bike in. Biking has become very popular in the city, and as a result, there are more and more bike lanes and dedicated bike paths available. This applies particularly in the Cambridge area, but other areas like Beacon Hill, Back Bay, and the waterfront are fun to bike in.

Paul Dudley White Charles River Bike Path

Paul Dudley White Bike PathThis is an 18-mile long gem of a bike path that meanders along the Charles River on both sides. There are many great views of the river and the city and numerous places for a great picnic. Don't miss this one.






Emerald Necklace Parks

Arnold Arboretum BikingJust a few steps from the center of the city is the beginning of a magnificent 1,100-acre park system called the Emerald Necklace. Starting at the Boston Common, the system of 9 parks stretches over seven miles all linked by parkways and waterways. Designed by Frederick Law Olmsted in 1837, each park has a unique flavor and they are rightfully termed the "Jewels" in the necklace. Going from end to end in the chain of parks, you encounter a wonderful unexpected variety of settings from a formal park, to a garden, to a former tidal marsh, a river glen, and several ponds finally ending in the Arboretum and Franklin park, a 527 acre country park and home of the Franklin zoo.

Bike Rentals

Hubway245x207If you want to rent a bike in Boston, there are a number of options. Lately, the city-wide Hubway system has become very popular all over the city. You can rent a bike for as long as you like and return it to any bike station in the city.