10 Reasons to Get an MBA

An MBA degree represents a major investment of time, money and often involves major sacrices from families.  So it is important to be sure the benefits are commensurate with the investment. Here are 10 good reasons to get an MBA...


1. Stronger Problem Solving Skills

Problem solving is an important skill in every business professional’s toolkit. An MBA can be a great way to acquire the necessary tools and skills to be an effective problem solver.

Superior problem solving skills are highly valued by future employers. They have difficulty finding people who can solve real-life problems that are often complex and multi-disciplinary involving many aspects such as finance, technology and people skills.
According to World Economic Forum, technologies such as AI will require even more sophisticated problem solving skills in the future.


2. Stronger Leadership Skills

Good leadership skills can be acquired in various ways but an MBA can focus and accelerate the process by by teaching and strengthening the basic components of leadership such as technical competence, communications skills, ability for introspection, teamwork and helping you develop more self-confidence


3. Better Analysis Skills

Good decision making is an important skill and it relies on your ability to properly analyze situations, processes and business opportunities. An MBA can boost your analysis skills greatly by creating a solid foundation of knowledge and experiences in specific areas of expertise such finance, operations, communications and people skills .


4. Sharper Communications Skills

Communications skills are the Swiss Army knive of business and life in general. It is probably the most valuable skill with the highest rate of return. MBA graduates often find their communications skills much improved, affecting not just their job prospects but also their interactions with colleagues, bosses, employees and even family members.


5. More Credibility

An MBA is a quick and solid way to improve you credibility in a company. Most people respect the hard work and initiative it takes to obtain an MBA and quickly notice the superior knowledge and skills of a graduate.


6. Better Entrepreneurial Skills

In today's business environment, entrepreneurial skills are high desirable and appreciated. This applies to both, startup situations and positions within established companies. Change is happening so fast and new technologies create so many opportunities, that entrepreneurial skills acquired by an MBA can bring fast benefits


7. Better Job Opportunities

With an MBA, a broad range of job opportunities open up that would not be within reach otherwise. Even if a job does not technically require an MBA, you will be much more competitive with it. An MBA still carries tremendous cache and can open up your career path.


8. Higher Earning Potential

While a MBA does not guarantee a higher salary, it can unlock job opportunities that pay dramatically more. Surveys of MBA graduates indicate that income of MBA graduates is by average nearly double that of BS graduates.


9. Better Networking Opportunities

Networking is no longer an optional skill but is part of a well-rounded professional. The personal relationships created during an MBA program can be a great boost for your career and many professionals have found unique job opportunities by networking with their MBA collegues.


10. Higher Level of Confidence

Most MBA graduates list increased confidence as one of the important side-benefits. Confidence is one of these things that is difficult to manufacture or acquire but successfully completing of an MBA program and experiencing the concrete benefits and respect can be an amazing confidence booster for business and life.